Building MySQL from a Windows Source Distribution

The Windows source distribution includes the necessary solution file and the vcproj files required to build each component. Using this method you are not able to select the storage engines that are included in your build.


VC++ workspace files for MySQL 4.1 and above are compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 7.1 and tested by us before each release.

Follow this procedure to build MySQL:

  1. Create a work directory (for example, C:\workdir).

  2. Unpack the source distribution in the aforementioned directory using WinZip or another Windows tool that can read .zip files.

  3. Start Visual Studio .Net 2003 (7.1).

  4. From the File menu, select Open Solution....

  5. Open the mysql.sln solution you find in the work directory.

  6. From the Build menu, select Configuration Manager....

  7. In the Active Solution Configuration pop-up menu, select the configuration to use. You likely want to use one of nt (normal server), Max nt (more engines and features), or Debug configuration.

  8. From the Build menu, select Build Solution.

  9. Debug versions of the programs and libraries are placed in the client_debug and lib_debug directories. Release versions of the programs and libraries are placed in the client_release and lib_release directories.

  10. You should test you build before installation. See Section, “Testing a Windows Source Build”.

  11. To install, use the instructions in Section, “Installing MySQL from a Source Build on Windows”.

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  Posted by Chris Calender on January 18, 2012
How to Build MySQL 5.5 from Source Code on Windows

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