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8.14.8 Replication Slave Connection Thread States

These thread states occur on a replication slave but are associated with connection threads, not with the I/O or SQL threads.

  • Changing master

    The thread is processing a CHANGE MASTER TO statement.

  • Creating table from master dump

    The slave is creating a table using the CREATE TABLE statement contained in the dump from the master. Used for LOAD TABLE FROM MASTER and LOAD DATA FROM MASTER.

  • Killing slave

    The thread is processing a STOP SLAVE statement.

  • Opening master dump table

    This state occurs after Creating table from master dump.

  • Reading master dump table data

    This state occurs after Opening master dump table.

  • Rebuilding the index on master dump table

    This state occurs after Reading master dump table data.

  • starting slave

    The thread is starting the slave threads after processing a successful LOAD DATA FROM MASTER load operation.

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