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Posted by Nick Gaugler on January 14 2004 6:50pm[Delete] [Edit]

This takes much longer then a BACKUP and is very unefficient. First, it must copy the entire .frm and .MYD file from the location of your backup. Then it recreates the .MYD into a .TMD, just like an ALTER TABLE, then it finally rebuilds the .MYI. So make sure you have enough space for 2X the .MYD file then enough for the MYD + the MYI. It'd be nice if MySQL had a function to just rebuild an index based off a data file.

Posted by rpande rpande on February 23 2004 5:40pm[Delete] [Edit]

If you don't have enough space for a repair, try the myisamchk statement.
'myisamchk -r -q table_name', worked for me. Updates slowly(spprox. 6 hours for a 25 million record table) but at least helps save on the space :)

Posted by Craig Taylor on May 31 2006 7:24pm[Delete] [Edit]

You cannot use RESTORE TABLE from within an application that is currently using the database, because it will not over write existing tables. The tables have to be deleted first and that requires shutting down the server. When progmatically shutting down the server in Windows XP, then resarting the server after a restore operation, being able to reconnect is random.