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2.3.1 Enterprise Server Distribution Types

Enterprise Server releases will be created for the following packages from the MySQL 5.0 tree:

  • mysql-enterprise: Released under a commercial license and includes the following storage engines: MyISAM, MEMORY, MERGE, InnoDB, ARCHIVE, BLACKHOLE, EXAMPLE, FEDERATED.

  • mysql-enterprise-gpl: Same as mysql-enterprise, but released under the GPL.

  • mysql-cluster: mysql-enterprise plus MySQL Cluster (NDB).

  • mysql-classic: Released under a commercial license, does not include InnoDB.

  • mysql-community: Same as mysql-enterprise-gpl, but available for the community, and released every 6 months.

To satisfy different user requirements, we provide several servers. mysqld is an optimized server that is a smaller, faster binary. mysqld-debug is compiled with debugging support but is otherwise configured identically to the nondebug server.

Each of these servers is compiled from the same source distribution, though with different configuration options. All native MySQL clients can connect to servers from either MySQL version.

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