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MySQL Cluster API Developer Guide  /  ...  /  MySQL Cluster Data Node Data Directory Files MySQL Cluster Data Node Data Directory Files

A MySQL Cluster data node's data directory (DataDir) contains at least 3 files. These are named as shown in the following list, where node_id is the node ID:

  • ndb_node_id_out.log

    Sample output:

    2011-11-01 20:13:24 [ndbd] INFO     -- Angel pid: 13677 ndb pid: 13678
    2011-11-01 20:13:24 [ndbd] INFO     -- NDB Cluster -- DB node 1
    2011-11-01 20:13:24 [ndbd] INFO     -- Version 5.1.77-ndb-7.1.37 --
    2011-11-01 20:13:24 [ndbd] INFO     -- Configuration fetched at localhost port 1186
    2011-11-01 20:13:24 [ndbd] INFO     -- Start initiated (version 5.1.77-ndb-7.1.37)
    2011-11-01 20:13:24 [ndbd] INFO     -- Ndbd_mem_manager::init(1) min: 20Mb initial: 20Mb
    WOPool::init(61, 9)
    RWPool::init(82, 13)
    RWPool::init(a2, 18)
    RWPool::init(c2, 13)
    RWPool::init(122, 17)
    RWPool::init(142, 15)
    WOPool::init(41, 8)
    RWPool::init(e2, 12)
    RWPool::init(102, 55)
    WOPool::init(21, 8)
    Dbdict: name=sys/def/SYSTAB_0,id=0,obj_ptr_i=0
    Dbdict: name=sys/def/NDB$EVENTS_0,id=1,obj_ptr_i=1
  • ndb_node_id_signal.log

    This file contains a log of all signals sent to or from the data node.


    This file is created only if the SendSignalId parameter is enabled, which is true only for -debug builds.


    This file contains the data node's process ID; it is created when the ndbd process is started.

The location of these files is determined by the value of the DataDir configuration parameter.

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