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8.2.105 DUMP 8004

Code Symbol Kernel Block(s)
8004 --- SUMA

Description.  Dumps information about subscription resources.

Sample Output. 

Node 2: Suma: c_subscriberPool  size: 260 free: 258
Node 2: Suma: c_tablePool  size: 130 free: 128
Node 2: Suma: c_subscriptionPool  size: 130 free: 128
Node 2: Suma: c_syncPool  size: 2 free: 2
Node 2: Suma: c_dataBufferPool  size: 1009 free: 1005
Node 2: Suma: c_metaSubscribers count: 0
Node 2: Suma: c_removeDataSubscribers count: 0

Additional Information.  When subscriberPool ... free becomes and stays very low relative to subscriberPool ... size, it is often a good idea to increase the value of the MaxNoOfTables configuration parameter (subscriberPool = 2 * MaxNoOfTables). However, there could also be a problem with API nodes not releasing resources correctly when they are shut down. DUMP 8004 provides a way to monitor these values.

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