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This section applies only to MySQL Cluster in MySQL 5.1 and later. Previous versions of MySQL did not support Disk Data tables.

MySQL Cluster Disk Data files are created (or dropped) by the user by means of SQL statements intended specifically for this purpose. Such files include the following:

  • One or more undo logfiles associated with a logfile group

  • One or more datafiles associated with a tablespace that uses the logfile group for undo logging

Both undo logfiles and datafiles are created in the data directory (DataDir) of each cluster data node. The relationship of these files with their logfile group and tablespace are shown in the following diagram:

MySQL Cluster Disk Data Files (Tablespace, Datafiles; Logfile Group, Undo Files)

Disk Data files and the SQL commands used to create and drop them are discussed in depth in MySQL Cluster Disk Data Tables.

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