5.7 Guidelines for GUI Documentation

This subsection covers how to use terms for GUI documentation.

  • To indicate that a check box is available for the user, use active.

  • To indicate that a check box is unavailable for the user, that is it's greyed out, use inactive.

  • For check boxes, terms such as enable/disable, on/off, or selected/de-selected can be used to indicate the value of the control, as determined by what the user does with it.

  • When referring to menu actions, use one of the following forms:

    • Menu, menu item (, submenu item, ...), ...; for example: Select <guimenu>Edit</guimenu>, <guimenu>Options</guimenu>, <guimenu>Connections</guimenu>.

    • Select ... from menu (item); for example: Select <guimenu>Connections</guimenu> after choosing the <guimenu>Options</guimenu> item from the <guimenu>Edit</guimenu> menu. (Obviously, the first form is suited better for longer actions, whereas the second form might be good for shorter actions.)

    Do not use forms like Select Edit > Options > Connections, or Edit => Options => Connections.