MySQL Guide to MySQL Documentation  /  Conventions for Writing Proper DocBook XML (“Formatting Guide”)

Chapter 4 Conventions for Writing Proper DocBook XML (Formatting Guide)

This chapter provides guidelines for writing MySQL documents using DocBook:

  • Introduction to DocBook

  • General document-writing conventions

  • How to begin a new document

  • How to structure a DocBook document

  • Which DocBook XML elements should be used for which purpose

  • How to use IDs, links, and quotation marks

  • What to do when you begin using a DocBook element that we have not been using before

  • Graphics markup and special markup

A few basic hints for editing before we start:

  • UTF-8: Make sure your editor uses UTF-8 encoding.

  • Spaces, not tabs: Use spaces, not tabs. Use 2 spaces to indent.

  • Unix line endings: Make sure your editor saves your edits using Unix-style line endings (LF), rather than Windows-style (CR/LF) or Mac OS-style (CR) line endings.