4.10 File Names and Guidelines for Graphics

Graphics should have a file name that relates to the chapter or section where the graphic appears. At least, they should contain the name of the document (the <book>), like in this example:

<graphic fileref="cygwin-packetmanager.png" format="PNG" lang="en"/>

If the document is likely to become translated, and if we need different graphics for each individual language, then the file name should also include the language, like in this example:

<graphic fileref="cygwin-packetmanager.en.png" format="PNG" lang="en"/>

The language code is prefixed using dots (.en) before the file extension (.png in this example). The following two-character ISO language codes should be used:

  • ar: Arabic

  • de: German

  • en: English/American

  • es: Spanish

  • fr: French

  • hi: Hindi

  • it: Italian

  • ja: Japanese

  • pt: Portuguese

  • ru: Russian

  • zh: Chinese

For a complete list, see the ISO 639 2-letter codes.

Figures must be 640 by 480 resolution, 256 color or 24-bit color, pcx format. This is a Pearson requirement.