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Chapter 8. MySQL Fabric

Table of Contents     [+/-]

8.1. Introduction to Fabric     [+/-]
8.2. Installing and Configuring MySQL Fabric     [+/-]
8.3. Quick Start     [+/-]
8.4. The mysqlfabric Utility     [+/-]
8.5. Backing Store     [+/-]
8.6. Configuring MySQL Fabric     [+/-]
8.7. MySQL Fabric Frequently Asked Questions
8.8. Using Connector/Python with MySQL Fabric     [+/-]
8.9. Using Connector/J with MySQL Fabric     [+/-]

MySQL Fabric is a system for managing a farm of MySQL servers. MySQL Fabric provides an extensible and easy to use system for managing a MySQL deployment for sharding and high-availability.

This document describes MySQL Fabric, beginning with a short introduction, providing instructions on how to download and install MySQL Fabric, and a quick-start guide to help you begin using and experimenting with MySQL Fabric. Later sections provide details for MySQL Fabric-aware connectors.

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