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8.6.5. Section protocol.xmlrpc

This section contains information about how the client connects to a MySQL Fabric node and configuration parameters for the XML-RPC protocol on the server.


Host and port of XML-RPC server. The host is only used by the client when connecting to the MySQL Fabric node, but the port is used by the server when starting the protocol server and by the client when reading how to connect to the XML-RPC server. The port number is typically 32274, and the host is typically localhost.


Number of threads that the XML-RPC server uses for processing requests. This determines the number of concurrent requests that MySQL Fabric accepts.


User that the client uses to connect to the XML-RPC server.


Password used when the client connects to the server. If no password is provided, the client requests a password on the command-line.


Whether to disable authentication or not. Disabling authentication can be useful when experimenting in a closed environment, it is not recommended for normal usage. Alternatives are yes or no and are case-insensitive.


The realm (as defined in RFC 2617) the XML-RPC server identifies as when authenticating.


Path to a file containing a list of trusted SSL certification authorities (CAs).


The name of the SSL certificate file to use for establishing a secure connection.


The name of the SSL key file to use for establishing a secure connection.

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