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8.6.1. MySQL Fabric configuration file location

The location of the MySQL Fabric configuration file varies depending on the operating system it is installed on and how you installed it. If you are using the pre-built packages from the default configuration file locations are as follows:

Table 8.14. MySQL Fabric configuration file location

Platform Package Location
Microsoft Windows mysql-utilities-1.4.4-win32.msi  
Ubuntu Linux 12.04 mysql-utilities_1.4.4-1ubuntu12.04_all.deb /etc/mysql/fabric.cfg
Debian Linux 6.0 mysql-utilities_1.4.4-1debian6.0_all.deb /etc/mysql/fabric.cfg
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 / Oracle Linux 6 mysql-utilities-1.4.3-1.el6.noarch.rpm /etc/mysql/fabric.cfg

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