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8.6.7. Section logging

MySQL Fabric logs information about its activities to the standard output when started as a regular process. However, when started as a daemon, it writes information to a file configured by the the option url .


The log level to use when generating the log. Acceptable values are CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, and DEBUG. The default is INFO.


The URL to use for logging. Supported protocols are currently file and syslog. The file protocol creates a rotating file handler, while the syslog protocol logs messages using the system logger syslogd .

The file handler accepts either a relative path or an absolute path. If a relative path is provided, it is relative to logdir .

The syslog handler accepts either a path (for example syslog:///dev/log) or a hostname and an optional port (for example, syslog://localhost:555, and syslog:// If no port is provided, it defaults to 541, which is the default port for the syslog daemon.

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