Connection Properties

The following connection properties are recognized by Connector/J for dealing with MySQL Fabric:

  • fabricShardKey

    The initial shard key used to determine which server group to send queries to. The fabricShardTable property must also be specified.

  • fabricShardTable

    The initial shard mapping used to determine a server group to send queries to.

  • fabricServerGroup

    The initial server group to direct queries to.

  • fabricProtocol

    Protocol used to communicate with the Fabric node. XML-RPC over HTTP is currently the only supported protocol and is specified with a value of "http".

  • fabricUsername

    Username used to authenticate with the Fabric node.

  • fabricPassword

    Password used to authenticate with the Fabric node.

  • fabricReportErrors (default=false)

    Determines whether or not errors are reported to Fabric's distributed failure detector. Only connection errors, those with a SQL state beginning with "08", are reported.

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