The goal of this task is simply to replace the new master of a replication topology with the previous one that might have been demoted as result of successful automatic failover execution due to some failure. It is assumed that the server to be restored as master is healthy and any previous issue (that triggered failover) have been resolved.

Let's consider the previous topology after failover, now with a new master (server2:3312) and three slaves (server3:3313, server4:3314, server:3315) and that we want to promote the initial server (server1:3311) to master again.

Perform this task manually can be delicate as one wrong or missing step can lead to errors and incorrect replication topology or even to the lost of some transaction. Once more MySQL Utilities can provide a precious assistance to perform this task, in this case requiring the user to follow three simple steps to restore the initial topology as showed bellow.

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