Our goal is to use the mysqlindexcheck utility to help us find duplicate and redundant indexes. For that we are going to use the following table as an example:

CREATE TABLE `test_db`.`indexcheck_test`(
       `emp_id` INT(11) NOT NULL,
       `fiscal_number` int(11) NOT NULL,
       `name` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
       `surname` VARCHAR (50) NOT NULL,
       `job_title` VARCHAR (20),
       `hire_date` DATE default NULL,
       `birthday` DATE default NULL,
       PRIMARY KEY (`emp_id`),
       KEY `idx_fnumber`(`fiscal_number`),
       UNIQUE KEY `idx_unifnumber` (`fiscal_number`),
       UNIQUE KEY `idx_uemp_id` (`emp_id`),
       KEY `idx_full_name` (`name`, `surname`),
       KEY `idx_full_name_dup` (`name`, `surname`),
       KEY `idx_name` (`name`),
       KEY `idx_surname` (`surname`),
       KEY `idx_reverse_name` (`surname`,`name`),
       KEY `ìdx_id_name` (`emp_id`, `name`),
       KEY `idx_id_hdate` (`emp_id`, `hire_date`),
       KEY `idx_id_bday` (`emp_id`, `birthday`)

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