Tips and Tricks

You can copy all of the databases on a source server to the destination by using the --all option. Note that this does not permit rename. To rename, you must specify the databases one at a time.

You can specify certain objects to exclude (skip) in the copy. Use the --skip option to omit the type of objects. For example, you may want to exclude copying of triggers, procedures, and functions. In this case, use the option '--skip=TRIGGERS,PROCEDURES,FUNCTIONS'. Note that case is not important but is used for emphasis only.

The copy is replication and GTID aware and will take actions to preserve the binary log events during the copy.

You can set the locking type with the --locking option. Possible values include: no-locks = do not use any table locks, lock-all = use table locks but no transaction and no consistent read, snapshot (default): consistent read using a single transaction.

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