Building MySQL from Source  /  Notes on Installing MySQL on HP-UX from Source

Chapter 9 Notes on Installing MySQL on HP-UX from Source

General notes on compiling MySQL on HP-UX.

  • If you are using HP-UX compiler, you can use the following command (which has been tested with cc B.11.11.04):

    CC=cc CXX=aCC CFLAGS=+DD64 CXXFLAGS=+DD64 ./configure \

    You can ignore any errors of the following type:

    aCC: warning 901: unknown option: `-3': use +help for online
  • If you get the following error from configure, verify that you do not have the path to the K&R compiler before the path to the HP-UX C and C++ compiler:

    checking for cc option to accept ANSI C... no
    configure: error: MySQL requires an ANSI C compiler (and a C++ compiler).
    Try gcc. See the Installation chapter in the Reference Manual.
  • Another reason for compile failure is that you did not define the +DD64 flags as just described.