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MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.1 Manual  /  Appendices  /  Licenses for Third-Party Components

Appendix C Licenses for Third-Party Components

Table of Contents     [+/-]

C.1 Ant-Contrib License
C.2 ANTLR 2 License
C.3 ANTLR 3 License
C.4 Apache Commons BeanUtils v1.6 License
C.5 Apache Commons BeanUtils v1.7.0 and Later License
C.6 Apache Commons Chain
C.7 Apache Commons Codec
C.8 Apache Commons Collections License
C.9 Apache Commons Daemon
C.10 Apache Commons DBCP License
C.11 Apache Commons Digester License
C.12 Apache Commons Exec
C.13 Apache Commons FileUpload License
C.14 Apache Commons HttpClient
C.15 Apache Commons IO License
C.16 Apache Commons Lang License
C.17 Apache Commons Logging License
C.18 Apache Commons Math License
C.19 Apache Commons Pool License
C.20 Apache Commons Validator License
C.21 Apache HttpComponents HttpClient License
C.22 Apache HttpComponents HttpCore License
C.23 Apache Jakarta ORO License
C.24 Apache JAMES Mime4J License
C.25 Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004
C.26 Apache log4j License
C.27 Apache MINA License
C.28 Apache MINA SSHD License
C.29 Apache Portable Runtime (APR) License
C.30 Apache Struts License
C.31 Apache Tiles
C.32 Apache Tomcat License
C.33 Apache Tomcat Native Library License
C.34 ASM License
C.35 Bootstrap License
C.36 canvg License
C.37 Chosen License
C.38 Code Generation Library License
C.39 Common Public License
C.40 cURL (libcurl) License
C.41 D3 License
C.42 DataTables ColReorderWithResize License
C.43 DataTables ColViz License
C.44 DataTables License
C.45 DOM4J License
C.46 Dropdown Check List License
C.47 dtoa.c License
C.48 Editline Library (libedit) License
C.49 Ehcache License
C.50 EZMorph License
C.51 Felix Framework Distribution
C.52 FindGTest.cmake License
C.53 Fred Fish's Dbug Library License
C.54 FreeMarker License
C.55 getarg License
C.56 gettext-js License
C.57 GLib License (for MySQL Enterprise Monitor)
C.58 GNU General Public License Version 2.0, June 1991
C.59 GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2, June 1991
C.60 GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1, February 1999
C.61 GNU Libtool License
C.62 GObject License
C.63 Google Controlling Master Thread I/O Rate Patch License
C.64 Google Perftools (TCMalloc utility) License
C.65 Google Protocol Buffers License
C.66 Google SMP Patch License
C.67 Guava (Google Core Libraries for Java) License
C.68 Handlebars-Helpers License
C.69 Handlebars-js License
C.70 Harvest License
C.71 Hibernate Annotations License
C.72 Hibernate Commons Annotations License
C.73 Hibernate License
C.74 html2canvas License
C.75 Jackson License
C.76 Java Secure Channel (JSch)
C.77 Java SNMP License
C.78 Javassist License
C.79 Javolution License
C.80 JBoss Logging License
C.81 JCommon License
C.82 JDOM Project License
C.83 JFreeChart License
C.84 JLine
C.85 JOpt Simple License
C.86 jQuery Form Example Plugin License
C.87 jQuery License
C.88 jQuery Sparklines Plugin License
C.89 jQuery Templates Plugin License
C.90 jQuery UI License
C.91 JSON-lib License
C.92 json2.js License
C.93 jsTree License
C.94 JUNG License
C.95 junixsocket License
C.96 JZlib License
C.97 LGI License
C.98 License
C.99 libevent License
C.100 Libffi License
C.101 libiconv License
C.102 libintl License
C.103 Libxml2 License
C.104 Linux-PAM License
C.105 LPeg Library License
C.106 Lua (liblua) License
C.107 LuaFileSystem Library License
C.108 MarkdownPapers License
C.109 md5 (Message-Digest Algorithm 5) License
C.110 memcached License
C.111 MIT License
C.112 Moment License
C.113 Moment-Timezone License
C.114 License
C.115 nt_servc (Windows NT Service class library) License
C.116 OGNL (Object-Graph Navigation Language) License
C.117 OpenPAM License
C.118 OpenSSL v1.0 License
C.119 PCRE License
C.120 Percona Multiple I/O Threads Patch License
C.121 PersistJS License
C.122 PNG Behavior License
C.123 PxtoEM License
C.124 Quartz Scheduler License
C.125 Radeox RE
C.126 RegEX-Spencer Library License
C.127 RFC 3174 - US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) License
C.128 RGBColor License
C.129 Richard A. O'Keefe String Library License
C.130 Rickshaw License
C.131 ROME License
C.132 SHA-1 in C License
C.133 Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) License
C.134 SNMP4J License
C.135 Spring Framework License
C.136 Spring LDAP License
C.137 Spring Security License
C.138 StackBlur License
C.139 StringTemplate Template Engine License
C.140 TEA License
C.141 XWork License
C.142 zlib License

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