B.9.2. グラフ定義リファレンス



Shows the average of the number of accesses for data for different query operations for all table reads, regardless of the storage engine being using, against the number of queries being executed.

名前 avg_row_accesses.name
範囲ラベル avg_row_accesses.rangeLabel
avg_row_accesses.series1 ((first+key+next+prev+hread_rnd+hread_rnd_next+sort_rows) / questions)
変数 データ項目
first mysql:status:Handler_read_first
key mysql:status:Handler_read_key
next mysql:status:Handler_read_next
prev mysql:status:Handler_read_prev
hread_rnd mysql:status:Handler_read_rnd
hread_rnd_next mysql:status:Handler_read_rnd_next
sort_rows mysql:status:Sort_rows
questions mysql:status:Questions


名前 binlog_cache.name
範囲ラベル binlog_cache.rangeLabel
binlog_cache.series1 (binlog_memory/60)
binlog_cache.series2 (binlog_disk/60)
変数 データ項目
binlog_memory mysql:status:Binlog_cache_use
binlog_disk mysql:status:Binlog_cache_disk_use


名前 binlog_space_usage.name
範囲ラベル binlog_space_usage.rangeLabel
binlog_space_usage.series1 (fileSum / (1024*1024))
変数 データ項目
fileSum mysql:masterlogs:filesizesum


名前 cluster_data_node_data_memory_usage.name
範囲ラベル cluster_data_node_data_memory_usage.rangeLabel
cluster_data_node_data_memory_usage.series1 cluster_data_node_used_data_memory/1024/1024
cluster_data_node_data_memory_usage.series2 cluster_data_node_config_data_memory/1024/1024
変数 データ項目
cluster_data_node_used_data_memory mysql:cluster_data_node_data_memory:data_mem_used
cluster_data_node_config_data_memory mysql:cluster_data_node_data_memory:data_mem_total


名前 cluster_data_node_index_memory_usage.name
範囲ラベル cluster_data_node_index_memory_usage.rangeLabel
cluster_data_node_index_memory_usage.series1 cluster_data_node_used_index_memory/1024/1024
cluster_data_node_index_memory_usage.series2 cluster_data_node_config_index_memory/1024/1024
変数 データ項目
cluster_data_node_used_index_memory mysql:cluster_data_node_index_memory:index_mem_used
cluster_data_node_config_index_memory mysql:cluster_data_node_index_memory:index_mem_total


名前 cluster_data_node_redo_buffer_usage.name
範囲ラベル cluster_data_node_redo_buffer_usage.rangeLabel
cluster_data_node_redo_buffer_usage.series1 cluster_data_node_used_redo_buffer/1024/1024
cluster_data_node_redo_buffer_usage.series2 cluster_data_node_config_redo_buffer/1024/1024
変数 データ項目
cluster_data_node_used_redo_buffer mysql:cluster_data_node_redo_buffer:redo_buffer_used
cluster_data_node_config_redo_buffer mysql:cluster_data_node_redo_buffer:redo_buffer_total


名前 cluster_data_node_redo_logspace_usage.name
範囲ラベル cluster_data_node_redo_logspace_usage.rangeLabel
cluster_data_node_redo_logspace_usage.series1 cluster_data_node_used_redo_logspace/1024/1024
cluster_data_node_redo_logspace_usage.series2 cluster_data_node_config_redo_logspace/1024/1024
変数 データ項目
cluster_data_node_used_redo_logspace mysql:cluster_data_node_redo_logspace:redo_logspace_used
cluster_data_node_config_redo_logspace mysql:cluster_data_node_redo_logspace:redo_logspace_total


名前 cluster_data_node_undo_buffer_usage.name
範囲ラベル cluster_data_node_undo_buffer_usage.rangeLabel
cluster_data_node_undo_buffer_usage.series1 cluster_data_node_used_undo_buffer/1024/1024
cluster_data_node_undo_buffer_usage.series2 cluster_data_node_config_undo_buffer/1024/1024
変数 データ項目
cluster_data_node_used_undo_buffer mysql:cluster_data_node_undo_buffer:undo_buffer_used
cluster_data_node_config_undo_buffer mysql:cluster_data_node_undo_buffer:undo_buffer_total


名前 cluster_data_node_undo_logspace_usage.name
範囲ラベル cluster_data_node_undo_logspace_usage.rangeLabel
cluster_data_node_undo_logspace_usage.series1 cluster_data_node_used_undo_logspace/1024/1024
cluster_data_node_undo_logspace_usage.series2 cluster_data_node_config_undo_logspace/1024/1024
変数 データ項目
cluster_data_node_used_undo_logspace mysql:cluster_data_node_undo_logspace:undo_logspace_used
cluster_data_node_config_undo_logspace mysql:cluster_data_node_undo_logspace:undo_logspace_total


Displays the number of client connections by displaying the number of connected threads, active threads, and cached threads.

名前 connections.name
範囲ラベル connections.rangeLabel
connections.series1.label connected
connections.series2.label running
connections.series3.label cached
変数 データ項目
接続済 mysql:status:Threads_connected
実行中 mysql:status:Threads_running
シャッシュ済 mysql:status:Threads_cached


Shows the number of client connections that have been aborted, either during connection, or aborted active connections. This information is useful to determine if your server is overloaded (and therefore aborting connections), or if there is a network fault. Aborted connections also indicate those which did not disconnect properly, for example during a timeout.

名前 connections_aborted.name
範囲ラベル connections_aborted.rangeLabel
connections_aborted.series1.label clients
connections_aborted.series2.label connections
変数 データ項目
クライアント数 mysql:status:Aborted_clients
接続数 mysql:status:Aborted_connects


Shows the maximum number of connections, and the maximum number of used connections.

名前 connections_max.name
範囲ラベル connections_max.rangeLabel
connections_max.series1.label max_connections_allowed
connections_max.series2.label max_connections_used
変数 データ項目
max_connections_allowed mysql:variables:max_connections
max_connections_used mysql:status:Max_used_connections


Displays the CPU usage statistics over time for the machine hosting the MySQL server. The graph shows the aggregate system, user, wait and idle times for your CPU(s). You can use this information to help determine your CPU utilization and whether you are getting the most efficient use of your CPU power.


The FreeBSD and Windows operating systems do not provide information for the IO-wait component of these graphs, so they will always yield 0 in the CPU utilization graph.

名前 CPU 利用率
範囲ラベル %
Kernel sys/(sys+user+wait+idle)*100
合計 (sys+user+wait)/(sys+user+wait+idle)*100
ユーザー user/(sys+user+wait+idle)*100
待機 I/O wait/(sys+user+wait+idle)*100
変数 データ項目
ユーザー os:cpu:cpu_user
待機 os:cpu:cpu_wait
アイドル os:cpu:cpu_idle
sys os:cpu:cpu_sys


Displays the database activity, by showing the individual counts over time of different DML statements per minute. For example, you can monitor the number of SELECT statements executed per minute over time and gain an understanding of your server throughput. This information can be used to monitor the activity level, and provide a useful quick reference for your server operation.

名前 database_activity.name
範囲ラベル database_activity.rangeLabel
database_activity.series1.label (selects/60)
database_activity.series2.label ((inserts+insert_selects)/60)
database_activity.series3.label ((updates+update_multi)/60)
database_activity.series4.label ((replaces+replace_selects)/60)
database_activity.series5.label ((deletes+delete_multi)/60)
database_activity.series6.label ((call_proc)/60)
変数 データ項目
call_proc mysql:status:Com_call_procedure
selects mysql:status:Com_select
inserts mysql:status:Com_insert
insert_selects mysql:status:Com_insert_select
updates mysql:status:Com_update
update_multi mysql:status:Com_update_multi
replaces mysql:status:Com_replace
replace_selects mysql:status:Com_replace_select
deletes mysql:status:Com_delete
delete_multi mysql:status:Com_delete_multi


名前 database_transactions.name
範囲ラベル database_transactions.rangeLabel
database_transactions.series1 (begin/60)
database_transactions.series2 (commit/60)
database_transactions.series3 (rollback/60)
変数 データ項目
begin mysql:status:com_begin
commit mysql:status:com_commit
rollback mysql:status:com_rollback


Displays the disk usage activity, by showing the disk input and output ratios over time.


The FreeBSD and Windows operating systems do not provide this information.

名前 ディスクIO使用状況
範囲ラベル avg MB/sec
データシリーズ ((read / (1024*1024))/60)
合計 (((read+write) / (1024*1024))/60)
Write ((write / (1024*1024)/60))
変数 データ項目
read os:disk:disk_bytes_read
write os:disk:disk_bytes_written


名前 ディスクスペース使用状況
範囲ラベル GB
合計サイズ (total / (1024*1024*1024))
Used (used / (1024*1024*1024))
変数 データ項目
total os:fs:fs_total
used os:fs:fs_used


Shows the cache hit ratios (as a percentage) for the query cache, MyISAM and InnoDB tables, and the connection and thread cache information. The information provided by the hit ratios can provide indicators of whether your cache is working effectively, or is of a size suitable for the data that you are storing and retrieving. Low hit ratios indicate that your cache are inefficient and may need to be investigated.

名前 hit_ratios.name
範囲ラベル hit_ratios.rangeLabel
hit_ratios.series1.label 100-((iReads / (iReadRequests+1))*100)
hit_ratios.series2.label (qHits/(qHits+qInserts+1))*100
hit_ratios.series3.label (100-((keyReads / (keyReadRequests+1))*100)) * (keyReadRequests >= keyReads)
hit_ratios.series4.label 100-((tcreated / (connections+1))*100)
変数 データ項目
keyReads mysql:status:Key_reads
keyReadRequests mysql:status:Key_read_requests
iReads mysql:status:Innodb_buffer_pool_reads
iReadRequests mysql:status:Innodb_buffer_pool_read_requests
tcreated mysql:status:Threads_created
connections mysql:status:Connections
qHits mysql:status:Qcache_hits
qInserts mysql:status:Qcache_inserts


Shows the size of the InnoDB adaptive hash index. These are used to hold the data from tables in memory providing the size of the indexes is small enough to fit in memory. The graph shows the memory usage of the adaptive hash index.

名前 innodb_adaptive_hash_memory.name
範囲ラベル innodb_adaptive_hash_memory.rangeLabel
innodb_adaptive_hash_memory.series1 ( hash_size * 16384 ) / 1024 / 1024
変数 データ項目
hash_size mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_hash_node_heap


Displays the number of InnoDB adaptive hash index searches and those searches not using the adaptive hash index. You can use this to determine if your adaptive hash index is being used correctly, and is of a suitable size of the information and tables that are being accessed.

名前 innodb_adaptive_hash_searches.name
範囲ラベル innodb_adaptive_hash_searches.rangeLabel
innodb_adaptive_hash_searches.series1 hash
innodb_adaptive_hash_searches.series2 nonhash
変数 データ項目
hash mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_hash_searches_per_sec
nonhash mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_non_hash_searches_per_sec


Displays the size and page usage of the InnoDB buffer pool, providing information on the cache usage and performance. The graph shows the buffer pool size, active pages, and the number of modified pages.

名前 innodb_buffer_pool.name
範囲ラベル innodb_buffer_pool.rangeLabel
innodb_buffer_pool.series1.label (size*16384)/(1024*1024)
innodb_buffer_pool.series2.label (used*16384)/(1024*1024)
innodb_buffer_pool.series3.label (modified*16384)/(1024*1024)
innodb_buffer_pool.series4.label (dict)/(1024*1024)
変数 データ項目
size mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_bp_size
used mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_bp_db_pages
modified mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_bp_modified_pages
dict mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_bp_dictionary_alloc


Shows the time spent by InnoDB compressing and uncompressing data in compressed tables.

名前 innodb_compression_time.name
範囲ラベル innodb_compression_time.rangeLabel
innodb_compression_time.series1 compress
innodb_compression_time.series2 uncompress
変数 データ項目
compress mysql:innodb_compression_time:compress_seconds
uncompress mysql:innodb_compression_time:uncompress_seconds


The size of the InnoDB transaction history. A high number may indicate a large number of open (uncommitted) transactions.

名前 innodb_hist_length.name
範囲ラベル innodb_hist_length.rangeLabel
innodb_hist_length.series1 hist_len
変数 データ項目
hist_len mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_trx_history_list_length


Displays the InnoDB I/O counts showing the number of fsync, read, and write operations used to support InnoDB tables.

名前 innodb_os_file_access.name
範囲ラベル innodb_os_file_access.rangeLabel
innodb_os_file_access.series1.label (read/60)
innodb_os_file_access.series2.label (write/60)
innodb_os_file_access.series3.label (fsync/60)
変数 データ項目
read mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_io_os_file_reads
write mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_io_os_file_writes
fsync mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_io_os_file_fsyncs


Shows the row counts per minute for individual SQL operations (READ, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE).

名前 innodb_row_details.name
範囲ラベル innodb_row_details.rangeLabel
innodb_row_details.series1.label (read/60)
innodb_row_details.series2.label (inserted/60)
innodb_row_details.series3.label (updated/60)
innodb_row_details.series4.label (deleted/60)
変数 データ項目
read mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_rows_read
inserted mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_rows_inserted
updated mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_rows_updated
deleted mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_rows_deleted


Displays the InnoDB semaphore status. The graph indicates the amount of time that different InnoDB threads have spent waiting due to the locks used to prevent the same structures being updated at the same time. A large number of threads waiting for the semaphores may be a result of disk I/O or connection problems inside InnoDB. You may want to modify your InnoDB thread concurrency.

名前 innodb_semaphores.name
範囲ラベル innodb_semaphores.rangeLabel
innodb_semaphores.series1.label (swaits/60)
innodb_semaphores.series2.label (srounds/60)
innodb_semaphores.series3.label (oswaits/60)
変数 データ項目
swaits mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_sem_mutex_spin_waits
srounds mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_sem_mutex_rounds
oswaits mysql:innodbstatus:innodb_sem_mutex_os_waits


The number of blocked, locked, and active transactions. You can use this to determine the contention on tables for InnoDB transactions.

名前 innodb_transactions.name
範囲ラベル innodb_transactions.rangeLabel
innodb_transactions.series1 running
innodb_transactions.series2 lock_waiting
innodb_transactions.series3 committing
innodb_transactions.series4 rolling_back
変数 データ項目
running mysql:innodb_transactions:running_count
lock_waiting mysql:innodb_transactions:lock_wait_count
committing mysql:innodb_transactions:committing_count
rolling_back mysql:innodb_transactions:rolling_back_count


Displays the total Kilobytes per minute of bytes transferred to/from the server by client applications. Spikes in this output may indicate an unusual application operation or connection.

名前 kbytes_in_out.name
範囲ラベル kbytes_in_out.rangeLabel
kbytes_in_out.series1.label ((bytesIn/1024)/60)
kbytes_in_out.series2.label ((bytesOut/1024)/60)
kbytes_in_out.series3.label (((bytesIn+bytesOut)/1024)/60)
変数 データ項目
bytesIn mysql:status:Bytes_received
bytesOut mysql:status:Bytes_sent


The load average of the server hosting the MySQL server. The load average shows the number of processes using or waiting for CPU time in the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes. Load averages showing a load highe than the number of CPU cores may indicate an overloaded server.

名前 負荷平均
範囲ラベル 負荷平均
1 zero
15 two
5 one
変数 データ項目
zero os:loadavg:0
one os:loadavg:1
two os:loadavg:2


Shows the percentage of table locks that have had to wait before an operation can continue. High lock ratios can indicate high contention in your tables, with too many operations having to wait, affecting the performance.

名前 lock_wait_ratio.name
範囲ラベル lock_wait_ratio.rangeLabel
lock_wait_ratio.series1.label ((lock_waits/lock_immediate)*100)
変数 データ項目
lock_waits mysql:status:Table_locks_waited
lock_immediate mysql:status:Table_locks_immediate

メモリ使用状況 - エージェント

Displays the current amount of memory used by the agent, and by the Lua component of the agent.

名前 メモリ使用状況 - Agent
範囲ラベル MB
Agent agent_mem_size / 1024 / 1024
Lua lua_mem_size / 1024 / 1024
変数 データ項目
lua_mem_size agent:lua:mem_size
agent_mem_size agent:proc:mem_resident

メモリ使用状況 - OS レジデント

Displays the RAM usage on the server for the monitored MySQL instance. You should compare the total and used RAM values to ensure that you are not exceeding your available RAM, which will lead to swapping and performance issues.

名前 メモリ使用状況 - OS レジデント
範囲ラベル MB
合計 ram_total/(1024*1024)
Used (ram_total-ram_unused)/(1024*1024)
変数 データ項目
ram_total os:mem:ram_total
ram_unused os:mem:ram_unused

メモリ使用状況 - OS 仮想

Displays the use of swap space on the server for the monitored MySQL instance. High swap usage may indicate that your server needs more RAM or that your MySQL configuration needs to be modified, as high levels of swap will have a negative impact on performance.

名前 メモリ使用状況 - OS 仮想
範囲ラベル MB
合計 swap_total/(1024*1024)
Used (swap_total-swap_unused)/(1024*1024)
変数 データ項目
swap_total os:mem:swap_total
swap_unused os:mem:swap_unused


名前 myisam_key_buffer_activity.name
範囲ラベル myisam_key_buffer_activity.rangeLabel
myisam_key_buffer_activity.series1 (read_requests/60)
myisam_key_buffer_activity.series2 (reads/60)
myisam_key_buffer_activity.series3 (write_requests/60)
myisam_key_buffer_activity.series4 (writes/60)
変数 データ項目
read_requests mysql:status:Key_read_requests
reads mysql:status:Key_reads
write_requests mysql:status:Key_write_requests
writes mysql:status:Key_writes


Displays the efficiency of the MyISAM key index buffer usage. On a system using a lot of MyISAM tables, low usage indicates that your MyISAM key buffer size is too high (reducing the RAM available for other buffering). High usage may indicate that you need to increase your MyISAM key buffer size to help improve performance.

名前 myisam_key_buffer_usage.name
範囲ラベル myisam_key_buffer_usage.rangeLabel
myisam_key_buffer_usage.series1.label key_buffer/1024/1024
myisam_key_buffer_usage.series2.label (key_buffer - (blk_size*unused))/1024/1024
myisam_key_buffer_usage.series3.label (blk_size*not_flushed)/1024/1024
変数 データ項目
key_buffer mysql:variables:key_buffer_size
blk_size mysql:variables:key_cache_block_size
unused mysql:status:Key_blocks_unused
not_flushed mysql:status:Key_blocks_not_flushed

ネットワーク - インタフェース スループット

名前 ネットワーク - インタフェース スループット
範囲ラベル 毎秒の平均送受信バイト数(KB)
受信 ((read / 1024)/60)
送信 ((write / 1024)/60))
合計 (((read+write) / 1024)/60)
変数 データ項目
read os:net:rx_bytes
write os:net:tx_bytes


The number of tables in the open state per minute.

名前 opened_tables.name
範囲ラベル opened_tables.rangeLabel
opened_tables.series1.label openedTables
opened_tables.series2.label openedTableDefs
変数 データ項目
openedTables mysql:status:Opened_tables
openedTableDefs mysql:status:Opened_table_definitions


Displays the hits, inserts and queries not cacheable in the query cache. Low cache hits may indicate that your queries are being expired from the cache before they can be used, which may mean they are unsuitable for storing in the query cache.

名前 query_cache_efficiency.name
範囲ラベル query_cache_efficiency.rangeLabel
query_cache_efficiency.series1.label (hits/60)
query_cache_efficiency.series2.label (inserts/60)
query_cache_efficiency.series3.label (not_cached/60)
変数 データ項目
hits mysql:status:Qcache_hits
inserts mysql:status:Qcache_inserts
not_cached mysql:status:Qcache_not_cached


Displays the number of queries removed from the cache because the size of the query cache was not large enough to store the queries that can be cached. Try increasing your query cache size.

名前 query_cache_lowmem_prunes.name
範囲ラベル query_cache_lowmem_prunes.rangeLabel
query_cache_lowmem_prunes.series1.label (deletes/60)
変数 データ項目
deletes mysql:status:Qcache_lowmem_prunes


Displays the free space and total size of the query cache.

名前 query_cache_memory.name
範囲ラベル query_cache_memory.rangeLabel
query_cache_memory.series1.label size/(1024*1024)
query_cache_memory.series2.label ((size-free)/(1024*1024))
変数 データ項目
size mysql:variables:query_cache_size
free mysql:status:Qcache_free_memory


Shows the number of queries stored in the query cache. In normal operation this should be a relatively constant figure. A large number of switches between high and low numbers may indicate that differently sized queries are being inserted into the query cache, and then later removed as a high number of smaller queries are added to the cache. Try increasing the size of your query cache.

名前 query_cache_queries_in_cache.name
範囲ラベル query_cache_queries_in_cache.rangeLabel
query_cache_queries_in_cache.series1.label queries
変数 データ項目
queries mysql:status:Qcache_queries_in_cache


Displays the aggregated row access statistics per minute. Information is shown both in terms of the full table scans (which are expensive to perform), and index based accesses.

名前 row_accesses.name
範囲ラベル row_accesses.rangeLabel
row_accesses.series2.label ((first+key+next+prev)/60)
row_accesses.series3.label ((hread_rnd+hread_rnd_next)/60)
変数 データ項目
first mysql:status:Handler_read_first
key mysql:status:Handler_read_key
next mysql:status:Handler_read_next
prev mysql:status:Handler_read_prev
hread_rnd mysql:status:Handler_read_rnd
hread_rnd_next mysql:status:Handler_read_rnd_next


Shows the number of delete, write (INSERT), and update operations on rows per minute on all tables regardless of storage engine.

名前 row_writes.name
範囲ラベル row_writes.rangeLabel
row_writes.series1.label (write/60)
row_writes.series2.label (update/60)
row_writes.series3.label (delete/60)
変数 データ項目
delete mysql:status:Handler_delete
update mysql:status:Handler_update
write mysql:status:Handler_write


Displays the number of seconds behind the master for a given slave in a replication scenario. An increasing value means that your slave is unable to keep up with your master.

名前 slave_seconds_behind.name
範囲ラベル slave_seconds_behind.rangeLabel
slave_seconds_behind.series1.label sbehind
変数 データ項目
sbehind mysql:slavestatus:Seconds_Behind_Master


Shows the number of different sort operations performed on queries.

名前 sorting.name
範囲ラベル sorting.rangeLabel
sorting.series1.label Sort_merge_passes
sorting.series2.label Sort_range
sorting.series3.label Sort_scan
変数 データ項目
Sort_merge_passes mysql:status:Sort_merge_passes
Sort_range mysql:status:Sort_range
Sort_scan mysql:status:Sort_scan


Shows the average number of table locks per second.

名前 table_locks.name
範囲ラベル table_locks.rangeLabel
table_locks.series1.label (locks_waited/60)
table_locks.series2.label (locks_immediate/60)
変数 データ項目
locks_waited mysql:status:Table_locks_waited
locks_immediate mysql:status:Table_locks_immediate


Displays the number of memory temporary tables and disk temporary tables. Disk temporary tables are slower to create, populate, and read back. You may want to increase your memory temporary table size or check your queries to determine whether the use of temporary tables can be minimized.

名前 temporary_tables.name
範囲ラベル temporary_tables.rangeLabel
temporary_tables.series1.label memoryTempTables
temporary_tables.series2.label diskTempTables
変数 データ項目
memoryTempTables mysql:status:Created_tmp_tables
diskTempTables mysql:status:Created_tmp_disk_tables


Displays the thread cache information, comparing new thread creations against all database connections.

名前 thread_cache.name
範囲ラベル thread_cache.rangeLabel
thread_cache.series1.label tcreated
thread_cache.series2.label connections
変数 データ項目
tcreated mysql:status:Threads_created
connections mysql:status:Connections

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