C.1.1 Configuring Tomcat Parameters

The parameters for the Tomcat hosting system that supports MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface can have an affect on the performance of the system.

The default settings for Java for Tomcat are as follows:

Description Parameter Default Value
Initial heap size -Xms 768MB
Maximum heap size -Xmx 768MB
Java stack size -Xss 128MB

You can change these parameters to higher values, by editing the JAVA_OPTS setting within the corresponding platform script.

  • On Unix/Linux:

    Edit the values within apache-tomcat/bin/setenv.sh file within your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager directory. Avoid setting maximum figures higher than the physical memory of your system as this may reduce, rather than increase the performance.

    If you change these parameters, shut down and restart MySQL Enterprise Service Manager for the changes to take effect.

  • Windows

    Edit the JAVA_OPTS settings within the apache-tomcat/bin/setenv.bat file.

    To enable the changes, re-install your service. Shut down your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager service and then reinstall the service by running:

    shell> mysqlmonitorctl.bat uninstall
    shell> mysqlmonitorctl.bat install

On all platforms, upgrading the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager service using the above methods should preserve any changes to JAVA_OPTS.

If you are running the MySQL repository and the Tomcat service on the same machine, take the memory allocated to MySQL into consideration when setting these values.

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