C.1.3 Log Files for the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager

This section shows the location of the log and configuration files associated with the various components that make up the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. These files can prove useful for debugging purposes.

All log files except catalina.out are rotated to ensure they do not grow beyond 10MB in size.

Table C.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Log File Locations: Windows

Component File Location
Apache/Tomcat C:\Program Files\MySQL\Enterprise\Monitor\apache-tomcat\logs\catalina.out
Repository C:\Program Files\MySQL\Enterprise\Monitor\mysql\data
Configuration Report C:\Program Files\MySQL\Enterprise\Monitor\configuration_report.txt
Service Manager C:\Program Files\MySQL\Enterprise\Monitor\apache-tomcat\logs\mysql-monitor.log

Table C.2 MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Log File Locations: Unix

Component File Location
Apache/Tomcat /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/apache-tomcat/logs/catalina.out
Repository /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/mysql/data
Configuration Report /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/configuration_report.txt
Service Manager /opt/mysql/enterprise/monitor/apache-tomcat/logs/mysql-monitor.log

All of these logs are viewable within MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface. For more information, see Section 2.8.6, “Logs”.

On all operating systems, the Apache/Tomcat, and Repository directories contain both access and error files.

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