libmemcached Base Functions

The base libmemcached functions let you create, destroy and clone the main memcached_st structure that is used to interface with the memcached servers. The main functions are defined below:

memcached_st *memcached_create (memcached_st *ptr);

Creates a new memcached_st structure for use with the other libmemcached API functions. You can supply an existing, static, memcached_st structure, or NULL to have a new structured allocated. Returns a pointer to the created structure, or NULL on failure.

void memcached_free (memcached_st *ptr);

Frees the structure and memory allocated to a previously created memcached_st structure.

memcached_st *memcached_clone(memcached_st *clone, memcached_st *source);

Clones an existing memcached structure from the specified source, copying the defaults and list of servers defined in the structure.

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