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D.5 Changes in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5.4 (2011-04-21)

This section documents changes and bug fixes that have been applied in MySQL Enterprise Backup, version 3.5.4.

Bugs Fixed

  • The apply-log operation for an incremental backup could fail on Windows with error similar to:

    110406  9:43:23  InnoDB: Operating system error number 0 in a file operation. 
    ibbackup: Error: cannot delete

    (Bug #12328828)

  • If an error occurred during a backup, the start_time and end_time of the backup run could be incorrect in the backup_history table. (Bug #11900590)

  • When an incremental backup was taken of a database using per-table tablespaces, while ALTER TABLE statements were running, the apply-log phase could fail, leaving the full backup in an inconsistent state. (Bug #11766088, Bug #59126)

  • Running an incremental backup on a database with per-table tablespaces could fail on Windows systems. (Bug #11765740, Bug #58734)

  • A blank value for the innodb_data_home_dir configuration option would cause the ibbackup command to fail. This fix allows you to specify multiple directory names in the innodb_data_file configuration option and specify innodb_data_home_dir with a blank value. (Bug #59394, Bug #11766307)

  • For a system where the LSN has reached a value exceeding 2**31, an incremental backup could fail with the error message:

    mysqlbackup: Error: --incremental is given but --lsn is not or wrong value

    (Bug #59090)

  • Minor fixes for copyright notices.

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