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MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.7 User's Guide
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4.1.11 Capacity Options

These options limit the resources used by the backup process, to minimize backup overhead for busy or huge databases.

  • --limit-memory=MB

    Specify maximum memory in megabytes that can be used in the apply-log operation. Do not include any suffixes such as mb or kb in the option value.

    Default: 100 (that is, 100 Megabytes).

  • --sleep=MS

    Specify the number in milliseconds to sleep after copying a certain amount of data from InnoDB tables. Each block of data is 1024 InnoDB data pages, typically totalling 16MB. This is to limit the CPU and I/O overhead on the database server.

    Default = 0 (no voluntary sleeps).

  • --no-locking

    Disables locking during backup of non-InnoDB files, even if a connection is available. Can be used to copy non-InnoDB data with less disruption to normal database processing. There could be inconsistencies in non-InnoDB data if any changes are made while those files are being backed up.

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