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MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3 User Manual
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2.2 Supported Platforms and MySQL Cluster Versions

For a list of platforms supported by MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6, see Supported Platforms: MySQL Cluster Manager at, or contact your Oracle representative.

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6 supports the following MySQL Cluster release versions:

Prior to installation, you must obtain the correct build of MySQL Cluster Manager for your operating system and hardware platform. For Unix platforms, MySQL Cluster Manager is delivered as a Unix .tar.gz archive, whose name is in the format of mcm-1.3.6-cluster-7.4.6-linux-distro-arch.tar.gz. For Windows platforms, an MSI installer file is provided. All MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6 packages include MySQL Cluster NDB 7.4.6.

When selecting the appropriate installer for your operating system and hardware, keep in mind that 32-bit programs can normally be run on 64-bit platforms, but that the reverse is not true.

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