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MySQL Backup and Recovery  /  Licenses for Third-Party Components

Appendix A Licenses for Third-Party Components

Table of Contents     [+/-]

A.1 ANTLR 3 License
A.2 Artistic License (Perl) 1.0
A.3 Boost Library License
A.4 Corosync License
A.5 dtoa.c License
A.6 Editline Library (libedit) License
A.7 Editline Library (libedit) License
A.8 License
A.9 Facebook Fast Checksum Patch License
A.10 Facebook Patches License
A.11 FindGTest.cmake License
A.12 Fred Fish's Dbug Library License
A.13 getarg License
A.14 GNU General Public License Version 2.0, June 1991
A.15 GNU General Public License Version 3.0, 29 June 2007 and GCC Runtime Library Exception Version 3.1, 31 March 2009
A.16 GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1, February 1999
A.17 GNU Libtool License
A.18 GNU Readline License
A.19 GNU Standard C++ Library (libstdc++) License
A.20 Google C++ Mocking Framework (Google Mock) License
A.21 Google Controlling Master Thread I/O Rate Patch License
A.22 Google Perftools (TCMalloc utility) License
A.23 Google Protocol Buffers License
A.24 Google SMP Patch License
A.25 ICU4C Unicode Libraries License
A.26 Janson License
A.27 License
A.28 Libaio License
A.29 libevent License
A.30 Linux-PAM License
A.31 LZ4 License
A.32 md5 (Message-Digest Algorithm 5) License
A.33 MeCab Dictionary License
A.34 MeCab License
A.35 memcached License
A.36 License
A.37 License
A.38 node-mysql License
A.39 Node.js License
A.40 nt_servc (Windows NT Service class library) License
A.41 OpenPAM License
A.42 OpenSSL v1.0 License
A.43 Paramiko License
A.44 Percona Multiple I/O Threads Patch License
A.45 Pion License
A.46 Python License
A.47 RapidJSON v0.1
A.48 Red HAT RPM Spec File License
A.49 RegEX-Spencer Library License
A.50 Richard A. O'Keefe String Library License
A.51 sajson License
A.52 SHA-1 in C License
A.53 Unicode Data Files
A.54 V8 License
A.55 zlib License

The following is a list of the libraries we have included with the MySQL Server source and components used to test MySQL. We are thankful to all individuals that have created these. Some of the components require that their licensing terms be included in the documentation of products that include them. Cross references to these licensing terms are given with the applicable items in the list.

  • GroupLens Research Project

    The MySQL Quality Assurance team would like to acknowledge the use of the MovieLens Data Sets (10 million ratings and 100,000 tags for 10681 movies by 71567 users) to help test MySQL products and to thank the GroupLens Research Project at the University of Minnesota for making the data sets available.

MySQL 5.7

MySQL Cluster 7.5

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