2.1.10 Another vim Setup

set tabstop=8
set shiftwidth=2
set bs=2
set et
set sts=2
set tw=78
set formatoptions=cqroa1
set cinoptions=g0:0t0c2C1(0f0l1
set cindent

function InsertShiftTabWrapper()
  let num_spaces = 48 - virtcol('.')
  let line = ' '
  while (num_spaces > 0)
    let line = line . ' '
    let num_spaces = num_spaces - 1
  return line
" jump to 48th column by Shift-Tab - to place a comment there
inoremap <S-tab> <c-r>=InsertShiftTabWrapper()<cr>
" highlight trailing spaces as errors
let c_space_errors=1

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