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InnoDB 1.1 for MySQL 5.5 User's Guide
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The INNODB_CMP and INNODB_CMP_RESET tables contain status information on the operations related to compressed tables, which are covered in Chapter 3, Working with InnoDB Compressed Tables. The compressed page size is in the column PAGE_SIZE.

These two tables have identical contents, but reading from INNODB_CMP_RESET resets the statistics on compression and uncompression operations. For example, if you archive the output of INNODB_CMP_RESET every 60 minutes, you see the statistics for each hourly period. If you monitor the output of INNODB_CMP (making sure never to read INNODB_CMP_RESET), you see the cumulated statistics since InnoDB was started.

For the table definition, see Columns of INNODB_CMP and INNODB_CMP_RESET.

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