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InnoDB 1.1 for MySQL 5.5 User's Guide
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4.5. Future InnoDB File Formats

The file format used by the standard built-in InnoDB in MySQL 5.1 is the Antelope format. The file format introduced with InnoDB Plugin 1.0 is the Barracuda format. Although no new features have been announced that would require additional new file formats, the InnoDB file format mechanism allows for future enhancements.

For the sake of completeness, these are the file format names that might be used for future file formats: Antelope, Barracuda, Cheetah, Dragon, Elk, Fox, Gazelle, Hornet, Impala, Jaguar, Kangaroo, Leopard, Moose, Nautilus, Ocelot, Porpoise, Quail, Rabbit, Shark, Tiger, Urchin, Viper, Whale, Xenops, Yak and Zebra. These file formats correspond to the internal identifiers 0..25.

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