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InnoDB Plugin 1.0 for MySQL 5.1 User's Guide
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9.4.2. Building the InnoDB Plugin on Microsoft Windows

Installing MySQL from Source on Windows includes some information about building from source on Windows. The following discussion is specifically focused on building a version of MySQL containing the InnoDB Plugin.

You need the following tools:

  • A compiler environment, one of the following:

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2003

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (Note: for building MySQL 5.1.31 or later)

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (free of charge)

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition (free of charge, for building MySQL 5.1.31 or later)

  • GNU Bison for Windows, a general-purpose parser generator that is largely compatible with Berkeley Yacc. This tool is used automatically as part of compiling and building MySQL. For most users, it is sufficient to download and run the complete package to install GNU Bison.

  • CMake 2.6.0 or later, a cross-platform make system that can generate MSVC project files.

In addition to installing these tools, you must also set CScript as the default Windows script host by executing the following command in the Command Prompt:

cscript //H:CScript

After you have installed and configured all the required tools, you may proceed with the compilation.

  1. Download the MySQL source code, version 5.1.24 or later from the MySQL website and extract the source files.

  2. Download the InnoDB plugin source code from the MySQL download site.

  3. Extract the files from the source code archives.

  4. Replace the contents of the storage\innobase folder in the MySQL source tree with the InnoDB plugin source tree.

    In MySQL 5.1.38 and up, the MySQL source tree also contains a storage\innodb_plugin directory, but that does not affect this procedure. The source that you download from the InnoDB web site may contain additional changes and fixes.

  5. Compile and build MySQL under the Microsoft Visual Studio Command Prompt as follows:

    Visual Studio 2003:
    devenv mysql /build release /project ALL_BUILD
    Visual Studio 2005:
    devenv mysql /build release /project ALL_BUILD
    Visual Studio 2008:
    vcbuild mysql.sln "Release"

    For the 64-bit version, use win\build-vsN_x64.bat instead of win\build-vsN.bat.

  6. Install the compiled mysqld.exe from the sql\release folder of the source tree by doing one of the following:

    1. Copy the mysqld.exe to the bin folder of an earlier MySQL 5.1 installation.

    2. Make a distribution package and unpack it to the folder where MySQL will be installed. See the MySQL manual section on make_win_bin_dist — Package MySQL Distribution as Zip Archive. Note that scripts\make_win_bin_dist requires the Cygwin environment.

  7. Reconfigure the MySQL server by editing the my.cnf or my.ini option file to use InnoDB as the default engine (if desired) and set appropriate configuration parameters to enable use of new InnoDB Plugin features, as described in section Section 9.5, “Configuring the InnoDB Plugin”. In particular, we recommend that you set the following specific parameters as follows:

  8. Since you built a version of MySQL that contains the InnoDB Plugin, you do not have to specify ignore_builtin_innodb or specify plugin-load, or issue any INSTALL PLUGIN statements. The mysqld.exe that you compiled contains the new InnoDB Plugin features.

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