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InnoDB Plugin 1.0 for MySQL 5.1 User's Guide
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InnoDB Plugin 1.0 for MySQL 5.1 User's Guide  /  Installing the InnoDB Plugin  /  Installing the Precompiled InnoDB Plugin as a Shared Library

9.3. Installing the Precompiled InnoDB Plugin as a Shared Library

The simplest way to install the InnoDB Plugin is to use a precompiled (binary) shared library file, when one is available. The procedures are similar for installing the InnoDB Plugin using the binary on different hardware and operating systems platforms, but the specific details differ between Unix or Linux and Microsoft Windows. See below for notes specific to your platform.

Note that due to MySQL Bug #42610, the procedure of installing the binary InnoDB Plugin changed in MySQL 5.1.33. If your version of MySQL is older than 5.1.33, refer to Appendix B, Using the InnoDB Plugin with MySQL 5.1.30 or Earlier.

The steps for installing the InnoDB Plugin as a shared library are as follows:

  • Download, extract and install the suitable MySQL executable for your platform.

  • Make sure the MySQL server is not running. If you have to shut down the database server, you use a special slow shutdown procedure, described later.

  • On database startup, make MySQL ignore the builtin InnoDB, and load the InnoDB Plugin and all new InnoDB Information Schema tables implemented in the InnoDB Plugin, using one of these alternatives:

    • Edit the option file (my.cnf, or my.ini) to contain the necessary options.

    • Specify equivalent options on the MySQL command line.

    • Edit the option file to disable InnoDB, then use INSTALL statements on the MySQL command line after startup.

    These procedures are described in detail in the following sections.

  • Set appropriate configuration parameters to enable new InnoDB Plugin features.

  • Start MySQL, and verify the installation of the plugins.

The following sections detail these steps for Unix or Linux systems, and for Microsoft Windows.

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