6.4.3. Possible Inconsistency with PROCESSLIST

As just described, while the transaction and locking data is correct and consistent when these INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables are populated, the underlying data changes so fast that similar glimpses at other, similarly fast-changing data, may not be in sync. Thus, you should be careful in comparing the data in the InnoDB transaction and locking tables with that in the The INFORMATION_SCHEMA PROCESSLIST Table. The data from the PROCESSLIST table does not come from the same snapshot as the data about locking and transactions. Even if you issue a single SELECT (JOINing INNODB_TRX and PROCESSLIST, for example), the content of those tables is generally not consistent. INNODB_TRX may reference rows that are not present in PROCESSLIST or the currently executing SQL query of a transaction, shown in INNODB_TRX.TRX_QUERY may be different from the one in PROCESSLIST.INFO. The query in INNODB_TRX is always consistent with the rest of INNODB_TRX, INNODB_LOCKS and INNODB_LOCK_WAITS when the data comes from the same snapshot.

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