11.3.1. Converting Tables

The built-in InnoDB in MySQL can access only tables in the Antelope file format, that is, in the REDUNDANT or COMPACT row format. If you have created tables in COMPRESSED or DYNAMIC format, the corresponding tablespaces in the new Barracuda file format, and it is necessary to downgrade these tables.

First, identify the tables that require conversion, by executing this command:

SELECT table_schema, table_name, row_format
FROM information_schema.tables
WHERE engine='innodb'
AND row_format NOT IN ('Redundant', 'Compact');

Next, for each table that requires conversion, run the following command:


This command copies the table and its indexes to a new tablespace in the Antelope format. See Chapter 2, Fast Index Creation in the InnoDB Storage Engine for a discussion of exactly how such index creation operations are performed.

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