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12.5. Changes in InnoDB Plugin 1.0.5 (November 18, 2009)

Clean up after a crash during DROP INDEX. When InnoDB crashes while dropping an index, ensure that the index will be completely dropped during crash recovery.

When a secondary index exists in the MySQL .frm file but not in the InnoDB data dictionary, return an error instead of letting an assertion fail in index_read.

Prevent the reuse of tablespace identifiers after InnoDB has crashed during table creation. Also, refuse to start if files with duplicate tablespace identifiers are encountered.

Fixed MySQL Bug #47055: Unconditional exit on ERROR_WORKING_SET_QUOTA 1453 (0x5AD) for InnoDB backend.

Fixed MySQL Bug #37232: InnoDB might get too many read locks for DML with repeatable-read.

Fixed MySQL Bug #31183: Tablespace full problems not reported in error log; error message unclear.

Modified innodb-zip.test so that the test will pass with zlib Apparently, the zlib function compressBound() has been slightly changed, and the maximum record size of a table with 1K compressed page size has been reduced by one byte.

Fixed a regression introduced by the fix for MySQL Bug #26316.

Fixed MySQL Bug #44571: InnoDB Plugin crashes on ADD INDEX.

Fixed a bug in the merge sort that can corrupt indexes in fast index creation.

Introduced the settable global variables innodb_old_blocks_pct and innodb_old_blocks_time for controlling the buffer pool eviction policy, making it possible to tune the buffer pool LRU eviction policy to be more resistant against index scans. See Section 7.14, “Making Buffer Cache Scan Resistant”.

Fixed MySQL Bug #42885: buf_read_ahead_random, buf_read_ahead_linear counters, thread wakeups. See Section 8.9, “More Read Ahead Statistics”.

Fixed MySQL Bug #46650: InnoDB assertion autoinc_lock == lock in lock_table_remove_low on INSERT SELECT.

Fixed MySQL Bug #46657: InnoDB Plugin: invalid read in index_merge_innodb test (Valgrind).

Fixed MySQL Bug #42829: binlogging enabled for all schemas regardless of binlog-db-db / binlog-ignore-db.

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