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12.7. Changes in InnoDB Plugin 1.0.3 (March 11, 2009)

Improved the scalability of InnoDB on multi-core CPUs. See Section 7.2, “Faster Locking for Improved Scalability”.

Added a parameter innodb_change_buffering for controlling the insert buffering. See Section 7.4, “Controlling InnoDB Insert Buffering”.

Added a parameter innodb_use_sys_malloc for using an operating system memory allocation rather than the InnoDB internal memory allocator. See Section 7.3, “Using Operating System Memory Allocators”.

Made it possible to dynamically enable or disable adaptive hash indexing. See Section 7.5, “Controlling Adaptive Hash Indexing”.

Changed the default value of innodb_thread_concurrency from 8 to 0, for unlimited concurrency by default. See Section 7.6, “Changes Regarding Thread Concurrency”.

Fixed an issue that the InnoDB Plugin fails if innodb_buffer_pool_size is defined bigger than 4095M on 64-bit Windows.

Fixed MySQL Bug #41676: Table names are case insensitive in locking.

Fixed MySQL Bug #41904: Create unique index problem.

Fixed MySQL Bug #43043: Crash on BLOB delete operation.

Fixed a bug in recovery when dropping incomplete indexes left behind by fast index creation.

Fixed a crash bug when all rows of a compressed table are deleted.

Fixed a corruption bug when a table is dropped on a busy system that contains compressed tables.

Fixed an assertion failure involving the variable ut_total_allocated_memory that was caused by unprotected access during fast index creation.

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