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12.8. Changes in InnoDB Plugin 1.0.2 (December 1, 2008)

Implemented the dynamic plugin (ha_innodb.dll) on Windows.

Added a parameter innodb_stats_sample_pages for controlling the index cardinality estimates.

Made innodb_stats_on_metadata a settable global parameter. (MySQL Bug #38189)

Made innodb_lock_wait_timeout a settable session parameter. (MySQL Bug #36285)

Fixed bugs related to off-page columns (see Section 5.3, “DYNAMIC Row Format”).

Fixed various bugs related to compressed tables. This includes MySQL Bug #36172, a possible but rare corruption, and an incompatible file format change relating to very long rows in compressed tables, and to off-page storage of long column values.

Fixed a bug in crash recovery which was a side effect of incorrect implementation of the system tablespace tagging.

Fixed MySQL bugs related to auto_increment columns: Bug #26316, Bug #35498, Bug #35602, Bug #36411, Bug #37531, Bug #37788, Bug #38839, Bug #39830, Bug #40224.

Fixed some race conditions, hangs or crashes related to INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables, fast index creation, and to the recovery of PREPARED transactions.

Fixed crashes on DROP TABLE or CREATE TABLE when there are FOREIGN KEY constraints. (MySQL Bug #38786)

Fixed a crash caused by a conflict between TRUNCATE TABLE and LOCK TABLES. (MySQL Bug #38231)

Fixed MySQL Bug #39939: DROP TABLE or DISCARD TABLESPACE takes a long time.

Fixed MySQL Bug #40359: InnoDB plugin error/warning message during shutdown.

Fixed MySQL Bug #40360: Binlog related errors with binlog off.

Applied all changes from MySQL through version 5.1.30.

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