InnoDB Plugin 1.0 for MySQL 5.1 User's Guide


This is the User's Guide for InnoDB Plugin 1.0.8 for MySQL 5.1.

Starting with version 5.1, MySQL AB has promoted the idea of a pluggable storage engine architecture , which permits multiple storage engines to be added to MySQL. Beginning with MySQL version 5.1, it is possible for users to swap out one version of InnoDB and use another. The pluggable storage engine architecture also permits Innobase Oy to release new versions of InnoDB containing bug fixes and new features independently of the release cycle for MySQL.

This User's Guide documents the installation and removal procedures and the additional features of the InnoDB Plugin 1.0.8 for MySQL 5.1.

WARNING: Because the InnoDB Plugin introduces a new file format, restrictions apply to the use of a database created with the InnoDB Plugin with earlier versions of InnoDB, when using mysqldump or MySQL replication and if you use the InnoDB Hot Backup utility. See Section 1.5, “Operational Restrictions”.

For legal information, see the Legal Notices.

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Table of Contents     [+/-]

Preface and Legal Notices
1. Introduction to the InnoDB Plugin     [+/-]
2. Fast Index Creation in the InnoDB Storage Engine     [+/-]
3. InnoDB Data Compression     [+/-]
4. InnoDB File-Format Management     [+/-]
5. InnoDB Row Storage and Row Formats     [+/-]
6. InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA Tables     [+/-]
7. Performance and Scalability Enhancements     [+/-]
8. Changes for Flexibility, Ease of Use and Reliability     [+/-]
9. Installing the InnoDB Plugin     [+/-]
10. Upgrading the InnoDB Plugin     [+/-]
11. Downgrading from the InnoDB Plugin     [+/-]
12. InnoDB Plugin Change History     [+/-]
A. Third-Party Software     [+/-]
B. Using the InnoDB Plugin with MySQL 5.1.30 or Earlier
C. List of Parameters Changed in the InnoDB Plugin 1.0     [+/-]
InnoDB Glossary