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MySQL PHP API  /  MySQL Improved Extension  /  The mysqli_result class

3.11 The mysqli_result class

Copyright 1997-2014 the PHP Documentation Group.

Represents the result set obtained from a query against the database.


Table 3.16 Changelog

5.4.0Iterator support was added, as mysqli_result now implements Traversable.

 mysqli_result {
mysqli_result , Traversable Properties int mysqli_result->current_field ;
int mysqli_result->field_count ;
array mysqli_result->lengths ;
int mysqli_result->num_rows ;
Methods bool mysqli_result::data_seek(int offset);
mixed mysqli_result::fetch_all(int resulttype= =MYSQLI_NUM);
mixed mysqli_result::fetch_array(int resulttype= =MYSQLI_BOTH);
array mysqli_result::fetch_assoc();
object mysqli_result::fetch_field_direct(int fieldnr);
object mysqli_result::fetch_field();
array mysqli_result::fetch_fields();
object mysqli_result::fetch_object(string class_name= ="stdClass",
array params);

mixed mysqli_result::fetch_row();
bool mysqli_result::field_seek(int fieldnr);
void mysqli_result::free();

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